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In July 1976, Greg MacAleese, a police officer investigating the fatal shooting of Michael Carmen in Albuquerque, New Mexico needed help in solving this senseless murder. He created a crime scene reenactment, put up his own reward money and guaranteed anonymity.

This started the program we know today – Crime Stoppers.

For his efforts, Detective MacAleese was named one of the people who changed the face of the United States in the 1970's and was also named the country's Police Officer of the year.

Since adopting Crime Stoppers, New Mexico's crime rate has dropped significantly.

In 1979, Crime Stoppers became a national program.

In 1984, the world-wide anti-crime movement “Crime Stoppers International” was created and today there are over 1000 programs in 21 countries.

1982 - Calgary started the first Canadian program

1990 - Nanaimo and District Crime Stoppers began

2016 - the 40th anniversary of the start of the Crime Stoppers program in Albuquerque.  An October 16, 2016 article in the Albuquerque Journal and another October 19, 2016 in the Toronto Sun commemorate Detective MacAleese's initiative to create the program.  A book was also published in July 2016 telling the story of the start of the Crime Stoppers program - "Crime Stoppers: The Inside Story" by Greg MacAleese and Cal Miller.

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