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High end mountain bike stolen

On Friday June 15th at 6AM a high end mountain bike was stolen from the back of a SUV parked in the parking lot of the Travel Lodge located on Terminal Ave.

On Friday June 15th several friends had just arrived in town from Arkansas. They couldn't get a hotel room for the night so they decided to sleep in their SUV for the night. In the vehicle were two high end mountain bikes that the owners hoped to use throughout the summer.

Just before 6AM the males were awoken to the truck shaking and saw two unknown males attempting to steal their mountain bikes. The owners quick actions thwarted the theft of the second bike but one of the bikes had already been taken..

The stolen bike is described as follows:

Mens 2007 specialized SX Trail ,27 speed, full suspension, flat black,blue headlights, top tube has a checkerboard pattern and electric blue "Sweet tweety "brand rims. It has a black seat and "Pike" front shocks.

The suspects were Caucasian male and in their twenties. One of the males was wearing a NASCAR hat while the other had long scraggly hair and scruffy clothes ,

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