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Break and enters on the rise

Break and enters and theft from motor vehicles are on the rise in Nanaimo. The following safety tips will assist you in protecting your home and property.
Criminals will often scout an area before hand. They will may drive through a neighborhood in cars or bikes looking intently at homes to break into. Make note of persons who do not belong or who have never been seen before. These people will often try to avoid you and will not make eye contact. This is tell tale sign that you should note and share with your neighbours. Make a mental note of the vehicle they were seen in and if you can ,record the license plate number. Even a partial plate can be useful to police .

Examine your property from the perspective of a criminal. If your property gives the appearance of being messy and not cared for ,criminals will often gravitate to these homes. If your hedges prevent you from seeing out to the street ,this will provide concealment for criminals. Trim them so they do not interfer with your sight line to the nearby street.

Are there ladders or other items in your yard that can be used to climb up and access windows?. Store ladders or place a lock on them.This will take away the opportunity. Examine sliding patio doors ensuring your locks are solid and put a block in place to prevent the door form opening fully. Small windows to bathrooms are often used to gain acccess. Close and lock them when not in use.

Home alarms are an effective deterrent .Consider having them monitored by  an alarm company to provide an extra layer of protection. Animals are one of the best ways to alert you to noises and persons nearby. Listen to your animals and investigate when they react to something heard.

Lastly,always lock your doors to your homes and vehicles. Get to your know your neighbors. Forming a Block Watch is one way to reach out to those around you while also protecting your home and property. An added incentive to be part of an active Block Watch is a reduction to your home insurance. Check with your provider to see if you are eligible.

Lastly, always report suspicious activity to the police and if you see a crime being commited, call 911

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