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Young girl approached by male in car

On Thursday September 29 at 2:40PM a 12 year old girl was approached by a male in a car while she biked home from school on Sun Valley Drive.
The 12 year old was biking home after school and was in the 2200 block of Sun Valley Drive when a car slowed down and stopped beside her. In the car was a male who the girl said she had never seen before.The stranger then asked her if she wanted some candy and a ride home. She did not respond and immediately left the area and biked home as fast as she could.

It took her almost twenty minutes to arrive home,She then called her mother who told her to call 911.. Police attended but could not locate the male or the car.

The vehicle is described as an older model car and was either beige or gold. It resembled a Nissan Sentra.There were also white scratches on the passenger side mirror. The driver was in his 40's ,very thin and had a brown beard.He wore a baseball hat with dark sunglasses on the top of the hat and had on a white and blue checkered sweater with a white shirt underneath.

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