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Two break and enters interrupted by home owners

Two break enters, one in the central area September 2nd and the othe in Lantzville on September 7th were interrupted by home owners.

The first break and enter took place in the 500 block of Roshill on the morning of Friday September 2nd. In that incident at approximately 6:45 AM a 16 year old living in the home came downstairs to find a male rummaging about. He confronted him and got into a tussle with him , possbily cutting him in the process. The suspect fled and was not located by attending police. The suspect is described as being a fair skinned First Nations male , late teens or early twenties and wearing a black and grey plaid jacket.

The second break and enter took place in Lantzville on September 7th at 11:30 AM,in the 7100 block of Lantzville Rd. In that incident , the homeowners had stepped out for 30 minutes and upon returning parked their vehicle in their garage and entered their home.The husband then realized he had forgotten something in the garage and when he went to retrieve it came face to face with a would be thief. The suspect was as surprised as the home owner and ended up  throwing a women's purse at him then ran out the front door. The suspect is described as being a white male, early twenties wearing white shorts and a white hoodie. 

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