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Local high schools targeted by vandals

On June 17th NDSS and Dover High were both targeted by vandals after glue was poured into door locks at  NDSS and school initials were carved into playing fields at Dover High.

When janitorial staff arrived at NDSS on Friday June 17th they found all exterior door locks had been glued shut. Fortunately ,the suspects had missed one door which allowed for access into the school. Locksmith were called and upwards of 15 locks had to be replaced.The cost to replace the locks was in the range of $800 dollars.

That same day which coincidentally was the last day of regular classes for high schools, staff at Dover Bay fould large oversized initials carved into their rear playing fields. The initials said "NDSS 2011" and had been carved with a shovel.The initials were approximately 6 feet long and 20 feet wide. Several witnesses have come forward and have said at least seven teenagers ,some dressed in costume were seen on the fields shortly after 11 PM. Some were wearing black wigs while others had on hockey uniforms. Of the seven, two were female.

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