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Child luring incidents in Nanaimo


Nanaimo RCMP are advising the public to be vigilant and on the look out after several more incidents of child luring have been reported..The suspect male has on different occasions attempted to entice the girls into his  truck.

Two more incidents of possible child luring were reported to the Nanaimo RCMP on June 4th and involved a 12 and 14 year old girl being approached  by an older male who  attempted to entice them into his vehicle.

Nanaimo RCMP previously reported on May 17th of a young girl being approached by an older male as she walked along Jingle Pot Rd from the Parkway. The male kept asking her if she wanted a drive but when she picked up her cell phone , he stopped then returned to his vehicle and drove away. He was described as being grubby, in his 50's ,between 5 ft 10 and 6 ft and with a short grey stubble on his face and driving an extended cab Chev.

The latest incidents ocurred on June 4th .The first took place at 1 PM and involved a male in a truck following a 12 year old girl as she walked along Eight St towards Georgia Ave. The male never spoke with the girl but followed in his truck for quite some time .The male is described as being in his 50's,with a short grey beard. The  truck is described as being a newer model black pickup with a silver stripe down the side.

Approximately twenty minutes later , a 14 year old sun bathing on the front lawn of her home locatged across from NDSS was approached by a 40 year old male.The male was driving a truck and asked her if she wanted to go to the beach with him.When she said no, the male drove away in his truck southbound towards Harewood.

Based on the description provided by the girls, the Nanaimo RCMP beleive it is the same male involved in all three incidents. Officers have been impressed with the information the girls have provided and are asking now ,if possible, to obtain the license plate number. Even a partial plate can be extremely helpful to investigators.

Use the following tips if you are approached by a stranger who asks you to get into his vehicle:
- back away and if necessary make as much noise as possible, this will attract attention to your situation
-run in the opposite direction the vehicle came from
-run to the nearest home or business
-make note of the vehicle and if possible take a picture of the vehicle or plate  with your cell phone
-record the license plate number , even several numbers or letters will be helpful

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