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Help the Nanaimo RCMP solved these crimes which occurred between January 30th and February 9th.
  1. Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3025 Sometime between mid-December and January 30th, a brown Honda LTDMC scooter was stolen from Channel View Marina located at 566 Stewart Ave. The BC Plate attached is U12677


  1. Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3223 On Wednesday February 1st, a small black case   containing refrigeration tools fell out of the back of Domino's Pizza delivery vehicle. The tools were marked with "Testo" and are believed to have fallen in the 400 block of Machleary St.   


3.       Nanaimo file # 2017-3262 On Wednesday February 1st, mail boxes located in the mail room of 1680 Dufferin Crescent was broken into. Locks were jimmied and Canada Post was advised. Remaining mail was removed by management and held for safe keeping.


4.       Nanaimo RCMP file #2017-3299 Sometime overnight on Thursday February 2nd, the Nanaimo Parks and Rec operations yard on Prideaux St was broken into.  Taken were propane torches and a 2016 orange and white STIHL handheld leaf blower, with serial # 508767306. 


5.   Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3708 On Friday February 3rd, a BBQ with tank and a case of Canadian beer were stolen from the backyard of a home in the 200 block of Milton St.


6.       Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3487 On Saturday February 4th, a backpack was stolen from Value Village in the University Mall. The owner was trying on shoes when the theft occurred and the theft was confirmed through video surveillance. The suspect is a white male, 5 ft. 10, sporting a beard and wearing a dark grey hoody, baggy light pants and light coloured baseball hat.


7.       Nanaimo file # 2017-3552 Sometime overnight on Sunday February 5th, a break in was reported at 375 Harewll Road. Taken were two grey Mac Book pros, small black laptop, Traftor Control S5, Pioneer HDJ- 2000  headphones , a Playstation and an I-phone 7 plus.


8.       Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3712 On Tuesday February 7th, a break in was reported at 54-1000 Chase River Rd (Petroglyph mobile home park). The padlock to the front door had been broken off and taken was small change from several glass jars.


9.       Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3906 Sometime overnight on Thursday February 9th, a break in occurred at A&B Alternators and Starters, located at 3357 Island HW south. The front door was smashed open and phone lines cut. All the computers in the business were taken.  


10.        Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3940 Sometime overnight on Thursday February 9th, a vehicle parked in the 300 block of Seventh St was broken into. Taken was a wallet containing personal ID and a Chinese passport.

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