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The following crimes cover the period of January 1st to January 12th

Unsolved crimes:  January 1st to January 12th




1. Nanaimo file # 2016-51 On January 1st, at approximately 4:40 am, a male was seen attempting to break into a van parked in a driveway at 3985 Rock City Rd. A witness managed to chase him off and the only description provided was of a large male wearing a white toque and black jacket.


2. Nanaimo file # 2016-146 Sometime overnight on January 2nd, two passenger side tires on a F150 pickup parked at 1156 Townsite Rd were slashed. A nearby resident reported the same damage to his F150 pickup also.


3. Nanaimo file # 2016-308 On January 4th, a staircase was stolen from the backyard of a home on Woodpecker Lane. The stairs are very heavy, consisted of 11-13 rungs, had a steep incline and were made from treated wood.


4. Nanaimo file # 2016-281 Sometime overnight on January 4th, a rock was thrown through a window at Auto Check Automotive, located at 605 Bowen Road.


5. Nanaimo file # 2016-413 On January 5th, a male armed with a tire iron, knocked over a display case of eye glasses at Lens Crafters, Woodgrove Centre then ran out of the business with 4 pair of Ray Ban youth eyeglasses. The suspect is white, approximately 35-45 years old and wore a camouflage jacket pulled up to conceal most of his face.


6. Nanaimo file # 2016-828 Sometime between December 26th and January 7th, a shed located at 520 Hillcrest Ave was broken into. Taken were parts for a 1975 XS-B Motorcycle.


7. Nanaimo file # 2016-865 At approximately 2 am on January 10th, 3 males burst into a home on Watflield Ave and assaulted a resident. The victim was punched and struck by a pipe, then lost consciousness. The 3 males then entered the home and stole a laptop, I phone and black wallet. The suspect who struck the victim is white, approximately 6 ft. and walked with a noticeable limp.


8. Nanaimo file # 2016-907 On January 10th, at approximately 6:20 pm a male was chased off a property at 6728 Dickinson Rd. A witness told police he was walking to the door when he saw and heard someone trying to pry it open. The male was challenged by the witness   who gave a feeble excuse why he was prying the door.  The suspect left before police could arrive and was described as white, mid 20's dark hair, wearing a white hoodie and carrying a flashlight.


9. Nanaimo file # 2016-1014 Sometime between January 6th and January 10th, a carport on home located at 1550 White Rd was entered.  Taken was a motorized go-cart, and blue Norco Wolverine Mountain bike.


10. Nanaimo file # 2016-1055 On January 12th, a  black Reebok One gun Mountain bike was stolen from the balcony of a second floor apartment, located at 775 Terminal Ave . The person responsible would have to have jumped onto a dumpster located below the apartment, climb up the two balconies then lower the bike to the ground.



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