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Unsolved crimes June 3rd to June 11th

Unsolved crimes in Nanaimo from June 3rd to June 11th

Unsolved crimes in Nanaimo: June 3rd  to June 11th  


Nanaimo file # 2014-14191 On Tuesday June 3rd a white scooter and charging unit, owned by a 94 year old female,, was taken from a storage area at the Kiwanis Village on Nelson St.  The scooter is a Gogo with serial # S8110406297JDO


Nanaimo file # 2014-14138 Since June 3rd there have been eight stolen vehicles reported in the area of Cedar, South Wellington and central Nanaimo. The vehicles targeted are primarily older model Toyota cars, and Ford F250 and 350 trucks.  Many of these have had their locks punched while some were unlocked. Most of the thefts occurred late at night. Home owners are asked to be weary of late night traffic and persons lingering in residential areas. Also, all suspicious activity should be reported to the police immediately..


Nanaimo file # 2014-14298 On the afternoon of Wednesday June 4th a resident at 1680 Dufferin Crescent awoke to someone trying to break into her apartment. When the suspect realized the home was occupied, he left and was last seen getting into a newer model blue 4 door, no make or model obtained. The suspect male is white, slender build, with long blonde hair in a ponytail. It was later determined this male attempted to pry open front doors to several other units in the building.


Nanaimo file # 2014-14360 Sometime overnight on Thursday June 5th the east side door to the Jolly Miner Pub, located at 540 Haliburton St was broken into. The door was pried open and once inside a jukebox machine was pried open and toonies taken.


Nanaimo file # 2014-14418 Sometime overnight on Thursday June 5th a gold Mercedes parked in the 2500 block of Blackcombe Drive off Rosstown Rd was broken into. The vehicle was rummaged through and GPS and two pair of sunglasses were taken.


Nanaimo file # 2014-14591 Sometime during the evening of Friday June 6th and Saturday June 7th, solar lights were taken from the yard located in the 400 block of Poets Trail.


Nanaimo file 2014-14864 On Saturday June 9th a male and female attempted to steal a cashbox and plants from a roadside stand, on Plecas Rd in Cedar. The male was described as tall and skinny. No description was obtained of the female. They were not successful with the theft and were left in a van , no plate or description obtained.


Nanaimo file # 14-14982 On the evening of Wednesday June 11th a female was assaulted and knocked unconscious by a male, as she tended to stray kittens near the Cedar bridge. The female had stopped roadside at approximately 1:30 AM. While helping the kittens cross the road, another car stopped and a male approached. She soon left and when as she was walking to back to her vehicle, she was attacked and knocked to the ground. She lost consciousness briefly and when she came to, she was being dragged toward his car. She fought back and he soon left, in his car. The vehicle is a white, an older model 90-95 Honda or possibly Toyota product, with a black pin stripe along the side and a small spoiler in the back. The male is white, thin, 20-25 with short brown hair.



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