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Unsolved January 24-27th, 2014

The following are crimes that remain unsolved in Nanaimo and need the public's assistance in solving.

1.      On January 24, 2014, two males stole an $800 Giant, Brass 1, grey mountain bike from outside Target on Rutherford Rd. One male is described as having a slim build, in his 20-30's wearing a black top and light pants.  The bike also has disc brakes, 8 speeds and a serial number of C70C6037.  File 2014-2018


2.      Sometime overnight to January 24th, 2014, two vehicles were damaged on Wildwood Ave after someone attempted to gain entry.  File 2014-2035


3.      Overnight to January 24th, 2014, a bike was stolen from the rear of a residence on Uplands street. The bike is described as a blue and white Free Agent BMX with white rims and a black hand brake on the left side.  File 2014-2095


4.      A 2009 Red Ford Focus was broken into on Hecate Street sometime between January 23 and 25th, small change, sunglasses and windshield fluid was stolen.  File 2014-2096


5.      Overnight to January 25, 2014 the following thefts occurred from unlocked vehicles:-

·         A 1996 Nissan Altima was broken into on the 7th Street and a cigarette burn left on the vehicle upholstery. File 2014-2103

·         a 2014 Jeep Patriot was rummaged through on Linwood Lane and a black leather double zipper wallet containing cash and cheques stolen from under the seat. File 2014-2111

·         a red Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette on Janelle Place were rummaged through the first vehicle had damage to the stereo.  File 2014-2121

·         a 1999 GMC Yukon broken into on White Street and insurance papers stolen. 2014-2126

·         a Dodge Journey on Westbrooke Pl rummaged through and a Tom Tom GPS and charger was taken along with an Iphone charger   File 2014-2128

·         a BMW 525 vehicle on Invermere Road was rummaged through.  File 2014-2242



6.      On January 25th, 2014 at approximately 1030 am, a Telus white Ford work van left on Cypress Street was broken into and a laptop, GPS, tools and jacket stolen from within.   File 2014-2106



7.      On the morning of January 26th, 2014 a white pickup truck ran into a stop sign at 6th and Bruce knocking it to the ground.  Conditions were foggy and icy at the time however the driver did not stop, turned and continued south on Bruce. File 2014-2190.



8.      On January 26, 2016 a suspect threw a rock through a side window at Kirkwood Academy on Bowen Road.   File 2014-2196






9.      January 26th, 2014, overnight the following thefts from vehicles occurred;-

·         two vehicles were broken into by way of a smashed driver’s side window on Harold Rd namely a Chev Silverado and a Ford F350. Stolen items include a Garmin GPS and sun glasses, and a gym bag.  File 2014-2191

·         a white Ace Line Hauler-Brutus trap puller was stolen from a boat parked on Sedona Way overnight on January 26, 2014.  File 2014-2203

·         on Seascape Terrace, a Mercedes Benz was rummaged through and some CDs a pair of sunglasses and keys for were stolen. File 2014-2206

·         a 2010 Grey Subaru Impreza rummaged through and a a men’s pair of black VERSACE sunglasses, a woman’s pair of Black GUESS sunglasses, and a small Black leather change purse with change were stolen from a vehicle on Seascape Terrace.  File 2014-2212

·         a white 2003 Chevrolet Silverado was rummaged through while parked in a driveway Joanna Terrace. Reading glasses, Ray Ban sun glasses, leatherman and gerber knife, along with cash inside were stolen. File 2014-2215

·         while parked on Corfu Drive, two vehicles a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder BC Plate and a 1997 Toyota Camry BC Plate were broken into rummaged through and a small amount of change stolen. File 2014-2223

·         1994 Acura BC Plate was broken into, a garage door opener and an old wallet containing a birth Certificate and coupons were stolen. Occurred parked outside a residence on Westdale Place.  File 2014-2224

·         on Laguna Way, a Ford F150 was rummaged through, a set keys with a flashlight key chain that looked like a boat and the a garage door opener were stolen.  File 2014-2234



10.  Overnight to January 27, 2014 a green 2001 Ford Windstar was entered overnight while parked  on 298 Howard Ave.  A blue faux leather purse, white wallet with a Playboy symbol containing identification, a MP3 player, and change stolen.  File 2014-2263




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