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Theft of dirtbikes

On Sunday Apri l7th three dirt bikes were stolen from the backyard of 424 Bruce Ave. Two of the bikes were later recovered but the persons responsible have not been identified.
 The theft of the three dirt bikes was discovered in the morning of Sunday April 7th. The three bikes had been chained to a post in the backyard and when the homeowner went out to his yard he noticed the chains and locks had been cut.

The three bikes are : a red and orange 1983 Honda CR480, a yellow and blue Susuki DR100 and a blue Japanese bike of unknown model. Later that same day, the Honda and the Susiki were located in front of 475 Winchester Ave. Police believe that a person residing in or near the home on Winchester Ave may be involved in the theft of the bikes. Presently there is not enough evidence to proceed with charges.

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