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Top ten crime prevention tips of 2012

Crime prevention is everyones responsibility. Theives unfortunately do not buy into this theory,especially at this time of the year. The following tips are useful guides to help you from becoming another crime statistic
The top ten crime prevention tips of 2012 are as follows:

1. Report suspicious activity to the police in a timely manner.

2. Be aware of your surroundings and always stay alert. Criminals target people who they can get "up close and personal" with.

3. Target harden your home. Look at it like a criminal would and ask yourself "how would I break in, would it be easy to do so". Do something about it and remove opportunities now !

4. Keep your property clean and free of debris. Criminals target these homes more frequently than ones that are clean and well maintained.

5. Have an alarm installed in your home that is monitored.

6. keep your doors and lower level windows locked at all times. Keep your car doors locked too. Unlockd vehicles account for over fifty percent of all theft from vehicles.

7. Keep any valuables in your car out of sight and locked away in your trunk. Make sure your interior truck latch is locked.

8. Guard your PIN number when making purchases and buy a small shredder for your home. Criminals often spend hours going through recyling materials looking for discarded personal information.

9. Do not use an ATM that appears to have been tamperd with. Do not throw your receipts for purchases in  trash bins as they are often searched by criminals.

10. Never give out financial information over the phone


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