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Police and Fire crews investigating rash of suspicious fires

Nanaimo RCMP and the City of Nanaimo Fire and Rescue are working together to stop a rash of fires that have been occurring in Nanaimo since September 15th
The first fire occurred in a dumpster on Saturday September 15th at the Barons Rd library located at 3032 Barons Rd. Fire crews attended and extinguished the blaze before any secondary damage could occur. A witness told police a blonde haired male carrying a back pack was seen near the dumpster a short time before the fire was noticed.

Since the 15th, seven other fires have occurred in the City ranging from north to central Nanaimo. Most of them are taking place between 11 PM and 3 PM and on the weekends. The majority have involved dumpsters while at least one business and private home have had  nearby debris lite on fire. The fire involving a private residence occurred on Saturday September 17th in the 800 block of Sunderland Ave,near Mansfield Park. In that incident ,debris l found laying on the ground of a home under construction was set on fire. The blaze was quickly put out by attending fire crews. Witnessess told police two blonde hair girls were seen in the area just before the fire was reported.

Home owners and businesses are reminded to make their properties as fire proof as possible. Ensure the grounds are clear of debris and their dumpsters are locked down at the end of the day. Also, if you see any persons acting suspciously around dumpsters or there is a smell of smoke, call 911 immediately.

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