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Two incidents of distraction thefts on Vancouver Island

A female in Nanaimo and another in Saanich fell prey to a distraction theft targeting credit cards that are quickly used to make fraudulent purchases
A distraction theft that occurred in Nanaimo on Monday August 6th at approximately 4 PM netted theives almost $3000 dolllars in fraudulent purchases from stolen credit cards. Another theft happened in Saanich and in that incident, thieves forcibly took the entire purse and its contents from a female.

In the Nanaimo incident, one of the males presumably watched as the victim entered her four digit PIN number while making purchases at a local food store in the Port Place Mall. When she was back to her car, she was approached by a male asking for directions to Qualicum Beach. The female later recognized this person from standing in the line up behind her when she made her purchases. He asked her to step out and in doing so she had her back to her car. About two minutes later, a second male approached and says a few words to the first male in a foreign language. Both then turned and walked into the mall.

By the time the female arrived home, seven fraudulent purchases had gone thru on her credit card. The female believes the second male entered her car when she was outside talking to the first male and took her credit cards.

The suspects wore suit jackets, were about 5 ft 6 and had dark complexions. Both are believed to have spoken with an Eastern European accent.

The Saanich incident took place on Wednesday August 8th and once again, a male  was asking for directions and was holding a map. In  this incident, the female stepped out of her car but held onto her purse. When the second male approached he forcibly pulled the purse from her then ran off with the first male. Both males were Caucasian.

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